International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sciences and Engineering Technology

ISSN : 2455-4863

Volume-5 Issue-5

The Peculiarities of Newest Russian Seismic Standard

Aleshin A.S.

A Developing of Analytic Inequalities Monograph Based on Students’ Mathematical Activities


Natural Radioactivity Levels and Radiological Health Implications around the Mining Area of Bangladesh

Lutfar Rahman, J. Fedous, A.Begum, M. M. Haque

Research on the Security Problem of Online Car-Hailing Based on Evolutionary Game

Gang Xu, Haiyan Qiu

Preliminary Air Quality Index Estimates of Particulates Concentration in Port Harcourt during Soot Incidents

Edokpa, D.O., Ede, P.N.

An Efficient Acceleration of Solving Heat and Mass Transfer Equations with the First Kind Boundary Conditions in Capillary Porous Composite Cylinder Using Programmable Graphics Hardware

Hira Narang, Fan Wu, Abdul Rafae Mohammed

Structuring of Sikhote-Alin Landscape Area of the Pacific Landscape Belt of Russia

V.T. Starozhilov, A.A. Deleva, A.A. Kudryavtsev

An Alternative Approach to Wastewater Treatment – A Possible Source of Resources and Two Pathways for an Energy-Saving and Resource Capture Treatment

Stig Morling

Production of Water Treatment Alum Using Ash and Aluminium Scraps

Birnin-Yauri U. A.; Adetunji S. O.; Alhaji, S. M.

Universal System for Many-Valued Logic, Based on Splitting Method, and Some of Its Properties

Anahit Chubaryan

Passivity-based Control of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Power Generation System

Bing YU, Xianfeng MENG, Yong LUO

An Educational Approach to Implementing the U.S. Green Building Council Certification to a Steel Framed Residential Structure

Gevo Abcarian, Zainab Algharib, Omran Hussain, Ana Martin, Abraham Villa, Francisco Villalobos, Tadeh Zirakian, David Boyajian

Review of Shaft Straightening Mechanism Processes

S.A. Mujawar, P.N. Gore