International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sciences and Engineering Technology

ISSN : 2455-4863

Volume-6 Issue-4

The Water Pollution Effect of Tephrosia used in Fishing in Agatu Local Government Area of Benue State

Ochokwunu D.I, M. Elaigwu, J. Oga

Impact of global warming on future ET0 and ETC for pea in Himachal Himalayas

Sargun Kaur, Mohan Singh, Sk Bhardwaj

A Mathematical Model for Blood Flow through an Arterial Bifurcation

Tahmineh Azizi, Robert Mugabi

Carbonated spessartite-vogesite lamprophyre near carbonatite of Sevvattur, Tiruppattur, Tamil Nadu, India

R. Ramasamy

Determining the Unbiased Estimator of the Population Geometric Measures of Variation about the Mean

Troon John Benedict, Obere Almadi, Karanjah Anthony, Alilah Anekeya David

Insights into the Quality and Quantity of Briquette Fuels from Bone Wastes

Kehongo M. Nyanguru, Aloys Mosima Osano

Design and Implementation of an Automatic Audible Water Level Controller Incorporating a Digital Display

Jamiu Babatunde Oyetola, Kazeem Keshinro

The Diurnal Efficiency of a Flat Plate Solar Collector with Thick Absorber

M. K. El-Adawi, S. A. Shalaby, S.S. Mostafa, A. M. Abdul-Aziz

Downlink System in Millimeter Wave with Fiber Optic Communication Using External Modulation of 60 GHz Band

Hsu Myat Tin Swe, Hla Myo Tun, Maung Maung Latt