International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sciences and Engineering Technology

ISSN : 2455-4863

Volume-6 Issue-2

Distribution of Radioactive Elements in Environmental Objects

Khagani Mammadov

Metakaolin Blended Cement Pasttes

H. H. M. Darweesh

Metal values extraction from Copper Bismuth slag of Silver refinery

Sundar Saran Sombhatla, Ashish Kumar

Measurement of Threshold Energy of Optical Receiving Devices

Mikhail V. Kirgetov, Eduard V. Kuvaldin, Anna A. Shulga

How to Manipulate Numerical Bases to Solve Problems

Prof. M.S. Olinto de Oliveira Santos

Monte Carlo Simulation Concept for Demand Risk Identification in a Supply Chain

Mian Wasim Layaq, Alexander Goudz

Nutritional, therapeutic and toxicological risk assessment of Vernonia amygdalina cultivated with and without phytosanitary products in two communes in southern Benin

Adjouavi Yvette Deguenon, Romeo Adamou, Mouhamadou N. D.Liady, Luc Koumolou, Patrick A. Edorh, Guillaume K. Ketoh

Changes of Clastic Provenance of Yunnan-Guizhou-Guangxi Basin in SW China and Implications for evolution history of Paleo-tethys

Pi Qiaohui, Yangxiong, Lu di, Yuhuidong

The Platform Business Model Canvas - Designing And Visualizing Platform Business Models

Davis A. Eisape

Lebesgue and Outer Hausdorff Measures of Manifolds of Revolution

Uchechukwu Opara

Research on Concrete Appearance Quality Control Technology at Home and Abroad Present Situation

Wei-qun Cai, Jian Yin, Hai-yan Zuo, Chun-ning Deng, Teng-hui Huang, Hai-lin Xie