International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sciences and Engineering Technology

ISSN : 2455-4863

Volume-3 Issue-8

Evaluation of Cardiovascular Status of Apparently Healthy Sedentary Subjects in Nnewi, Anambra State Using Framingham Risk Score Calculator

Ezeugwunne IP, Ogbodo EC, Nwankwo EC, Analike RA, Onah CE, Okwara JE, Amah UK, Oguaka VN, Asebioyo SJ, Meludu SC

A Novel Approach of Using MongoDB for Big Data Analytics

Ananth G S, K Raghuveer

Common Fixed Point in Fuzzy Metric Space of Integral Type

G.S. Sao,A.K.Sao,Seema Sinha & U.K.Shrivastava

Impact on the Quality of Smoked Fish Products

Vasyukova A.T., Vasyukov M.V.

Secured Processing of Archieved Data through Collaberation of JAVA and XML

Dr.Reshmy Krishnan

Comparison of Fuzzy Logic and PI MPPT Algorithm with Indirect Controller for PV Systems

Slamet Kasbi, Estiko Rijanto, Asep Nugroho, R.A. Ghani