International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sciences and Engineering Technology

ISSN : 2455-4863

Volume-5 Issue-3

The Space-Time Structure of the Microscopic Domain

Haitao Gao

Utilization of Earth Worm Cast as Plant Nutrient Supplement for Alfisols in South West Nigeria

M. K. C. Sridhar, T. A. Laniyan, G. O. Adeoye, H. E. Shehu, O. AdeOluwa

Research Capacity of the Fiber of Long Fiber Separating Drums from Waste Fibers Composition

Obidov Avazbek Azamatovich, Matkarimov Kamoliddin Juraboyevich, Sultonov Mirzaolim Mirzarahmatovich, Boboyev Utkirbek


Eric Flamholtz

Research on the Relationship between Human Capital, Technological Innovation and Industrial Upgrading - Based on China's 2001-2016 Experience Data

Chao Yang, Gang Xu, Qin Li

General Study about Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Physics

Xiaohan Eudora Song, Tianrui Xue

Lattice Periodicity of Diamond Crystals and Related Phases

Andrzej Badzian

A Modern Approach to Product Portfolio Management for the ICT-Industry

Matthias Paletta

A Review on Sentimental Classification using Mixed-Gram Model

Mohammad Shabaz, Yasmeen, Seerat Wani, Bhagya Shree