International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sciences and Engineering Technology

ISSN : 2455-4863

Volume-2 Issue-11

Transient Stability Enhancement of Multimachine System Using UPFC

Malini Palit

Silicate-perovskite (Si-Fe-Nb-Ca-Ti) lava flows in Tamilnadu

R. Ramasamy

Kinetics of the Nonbranched-Chain Addition of Free-Radicals

Michael M. Silaev

Contraction and Compability Mapping in Fuzzy 2-Metric Space

Sao,G.S.;Sao,A.K., Sinha,Seema and Shrivastava U.K.

Modeling and Simulation of 13-level Cascaded Hybrid Multilevel Inverter with less number of Switches

G.Vidhya Krishnan, M.Valan Rajkumar, C.Hemalatha

Simulation and Analysis of MPPT Control with Modified Firefly Algorithm for Photovoltaic System

C.Hemalatha, M.Valan Rajkumar, G.Vidhya Krishnan

Addition of 1-Hydroxyalkyl Free Radicals to Unsolvated Formaldehyde in Alcohol–Formaldehyde Solutions with Nonbranched-Chain Formation of 1,2-Alkanediols

Michael M. Silaev

Growth and Magnetic Properties of Chalcopyrite MnGeAs2 Films

Yunki Kim, J. B. Ketterson