International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sciences and Engineering Technology

ISSN : 2455-4863

Volume-7 Issue-3

Study on Identification of Taylor Vortex Development Process through Deep Learning

Hiroyuki Furukawa, Kensuke Matsuoka

Design and Development of Adjustable Ground Clearance in Vehicle Using Pneumatic Lifting

R.S.Patil, R.D.Patil, P.J.Rendalkar, A.S.Patil, A.N.Shinde, S.S.Javir, V.S.Gondkar

Design and Development of Manually Controlled Swab Collecting Robot

G.S.Nirmala, S.B.Jamadade, R.S.Bhosale, M.S.Patil, S.U.Mohite, A.A.Jadhav

Enhancement of Heat Transfer by Natural Convection from Discrete Fins

Pranjali Ghodake, Sidhant Dupare, Rushikesh Sharanathe, Omkar Kate, S.V.Yadav