International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sciences and Engineering Technology

ISSN : 2455-4863

Volume-6 Issue-6

Generation Dye Laser Radiation by Semiconductor Diodes

Nasirov Tulkun Zakirovich, Kxojiyev Farrux Anvarovich, Soliyeva Muxlisa Ikrom qizi

Irrigation Strategies to Mitigate Climate Change Impact on Water Resources

Hammami Moncef, Ben Ali Hédi, Nagaz Kamel

Significance of Biometric User Authentication and Authorization for Mobile Banking System

Gajendra Sharma

Laboratory Study of Insects and Fungi That Cause Damage in Stored Dry Cereals (Corn and Rice)

Pascoal Jeremias Chiambo

Proof and Disproof of Riemann Conjecture

James T. Struck

Color coding ER-diagrams, one approach to modeling semi-structured data. Entity-Relationship diagrams used for aggregate oriented databases

Anders Lassen, Carsten Ejstrup

Complexing Properties and Applications of Some Biologically Active Nucleic acid Constituents

M. S. Masoud, M. Sh. Ramadan, A. M. Ramadan, M. H. Al-Saify

Design and Development of Controlling Overflow of Water in Railway Coaches

Mr. S.S. Chavan, Mr. S.S. Shinde, Mr. A.N. Hiremath, Mr. A.S. Mote, Mr. M.M. Mali

Optimization of Production Cycle Time of Spacer Component

Satish Ghutukade, PriyankaBallal, Neha Killedar, Rutuja Patil, Onkar Satpute, Suraj Bhad

High Performance Computing (HPC) in Geomatics Engineering

Subash Ghimire