International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sciences and Engineering Technology

ISSN : 2455-4863

Volume-6 Issue-3

The Evolution and Challenge of Lean Philosophy to Production Systems

Bañez, Jeremy Laurence M.

Generation of Plant Secondary Metabolites and their Bio-Activities in Different Plants

Sameer Sharma, Shubham Nikam, Harshith P, Prashant Sunehre

Evaluation of Different Stock Control Models for a Medium-Scale Pharmaceutical Drug Enterprise to Reduce Annual Inventory Related Cost

Lawrence Alenia, Hazel Caparas, Carla Geronimo, Ceejay Mendoza, Ivy Mar Ramos

Area Frequency Response through IMC Based PID Controller of Steam Turbine Model

Sumanta Basu, Saimantika Basu

Electrochemical Heat Pump for the “Helsinki Energy Challenge” Project

Ludanov K.I.

Availablity and Utilization of Instructional Resources for Implementation of the 3-Year Upper Basic Science and Technology Curriculum in North Central Nigeria

Michael Terfa Angura, Enemarie Veronica, Joseph Olaiya Fatoki

Geostatistical Interpolation with GIS in Mapping Heavy Metals Concentrations for Preliminary Site Investigation of Old Mining Waste Dump

Kolkos N. Georgios, Stergiadou G. Anastasia

Panoramic Survey and Analysis Led to by “Cao Dewang’s Proposal”: How to Reduce and Rationalize the Burden on Chinese Enterprises?

Jia Kang

Physicochemical characterization of Moringa Oleifera seeds and possibility of using oil extraction cakes in the treatment of drinking water

André Talla, Rachel Kenmogne

Does the Acronym FCFA Face a Kafkaesque Trial in the CEMAC Region?

Thierry Mvondo

Anti-Microbial and Anti-Oxidant Activities of Fagonia cretica L. Whole Plant Extraction - Sudan

Dr. Asaad Alsiddig Ahmed Mohammed, Dr. Mahdi Abdelmageed Mohammed Ali, Ali Abdelrahman Almaki