International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sciences and Engineering Technology

ISSN : 2455-4863

Volume-3 Issue-6

The influences on the Phosphate Removal from Aqueous Solution by using red mud

Tran Dac Chi, Huynh Trung Hai

Effectiveness of the Implementation of the Sub-Catchment Management Plan- A case study of Awach Kano Water Resources Users Association

Prof. Ezekiel Nyangeri Nyanchaga, Sylus Owiti Openji

Implementing Smart City Concept with Various Application Using IOT Based Technique

Suvarna A. Sonawane, Prof. S.A. Shaikh

Influence of Filtration in the Final Product Stability and Quality Clarity Beer

Nexhdet Shala, Ibrahim Hoxha, Gafur Xhabiri

Waste and Cost Reduction by Reprocessing Used Motor Oil into a Synthetic Diesel Fuel

Dr. Kevin Shurtleff, Austin Bettridge, Kyle Sweetman, Julio Gomez, Mung Nam Ng, Ryan Bernal