International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sciences and Engineering Technology

ISSN : 2455-4863

Volume-2 Issue-8

Bench Scale Investigation of Factors Influencing in Trihalomethanes Formation in Tetova’s Drinking Water: Autumn Season

Bujar H. Durmishi, Arianit A. Reka, Ahmed Jashari, Murtezan Ismaili, Agim Shabani, Arbana Durmishi

Technological Shock for Organizational Technological Variability for Turnover Value as Objective Quality of Decision

Dr. Nasser Fegh-hi Farahmand

Weak Contraction in Fuzzy b-Metric Space

Gauri Shanker Sao, Aradhana Sharma

Pacemakers: A Survey on Development History, Cyber-Security Threats and Countermeasures

Paul Boulos, Arman Sargolzaei, Armin Ziaei, and Saman Sargolzaei

Fluctuating Asymmetry: A Biomarker for Environmental Stress in Gambusia Affinis

Paulette C. Reneau, Yvis Nicolas, Jamie A. G. Hamilton

Cloud-based Smart Health-care Platform to Tackle Chronic Disease

Saman Sargolzaei, Ben Amaba, Mohamed Abdelghani, Arman Sargolzaei