Volume-5 Issue-2

S.No. Title & Authors Name Page
1 A Report on the HMD Technology Related Research
Aliaksandr Yurievich Alevanau, Olgerd Pavlovich KuznechikDOWNLOAD
2 Lighting up the World with Hydropower
Derenick Sarian, Ilan CastaƱeda, Scott Landon, Fatima Fairouz, Shgon Almahboob, Nawaf Alnamshan, Tadeh Zirakian, and David BoyajianDOWNLOAD
3 Sustainable Balanced Scorecard and Innovation in Public Procurement
Odysseas ManoliadisDOWNLOAD
4 The Kinetic Degradation of the reactive dye Red 198 and Yellow 145 by the Electrochemical using Ferrosilic Electrodes
Tran Dac Chi, Nguyen Thi Lan PhuongDOWNLOAD
5 An Introductory Experimental Study Involving Volumetric Flow Rates
Musaed Alkhurafi, Naser Alrashoud, Esraa Huseen, Justin Le, Jonathan Perez, Mildred Renteria, Youssef Taher, Tadeh Zirakian, David BoyajianDOWNLOAD
6 Diagnosis of Carbon dioxide as Combustion Products of Gasoline Engine Using Laser Induce Fluorescence (LIF) Technique Modeled by Python program
Younis Ahmed Abu Aasha, Kh. M. Haroun, Mustafa Mohammed Badr Eldin, Yousif H. Alsheikh, Montasir Mohamed Badr EldienDOWNLOAD