Volume-3 Issue-6

S.No. Title & Authors Name Page
1 The influences on the Phosphate Removal from Aqueous Solution by using red mud
Tran Dac Chi, Huynh Trung HaiDOWNLOAD
2 Effectiveness of the Implementation of the Sub-Catchment Management Plan- A case study of Awach Kano Water Resources Users Association
Prof. Ezekiel Nyangeri Nyanchaga, Sylus Owiti OpenjiDOWNLOAD
3 Implementing Smart City Concept with Various Application Using IOT Based Technique
Suvarna A. Sonawane, Prof. S.A. ShaikhDOWNLOAD
4 Influence of Filtration in the Final Product Stability and Quality Clarity Beer
Nexhdet Shala, Ibrahim Hoxha, Gafur XhabiriDOWNLOAD
5 Waste and Cost Reduction by Reprocessing Used Motor Oil into a Synthetic Diesel Fuel
Dr. Kevin Shurtleff, Austin Bettridge, Kyle Sweetman, Julio Gomez, Mung Nam Ng, Ryan BernalDOWNLOAD